Have you ever played the classic game Frogger in the past, whether on an emulator (if you are not that old), or *gasp*, grey hairs on your head and a growing paunch around your waist, think back to your far younger days where Frogger proved to be highly addictive despite its extremely primitive graphics? Well, fast forward to the second decade of the 21st century, and here we are with an app that pays homage to the original Frogger – the GlassFrogger app. Obviously, by its name alone, you can tell that this is meant for the Google Glass wearable technology device, causing wearers of Google Glass to actually get out of their seats, jumping around and letting them stretch their legs. Hmmm, sounds like a good way to break the monotony at the work desk, don’t you think so?

GlassFrogger was developed for the Breaking Glass Hackathon, where this retro title will require gamers to jump in the air like a frog in order to avoid virtual cars as well as other obstacles, as they make their way across the precarious road to the safety of a lily pad. You would definitely look slightly out of place whenever you wear this and give the game a go for sure, but then again, what’s looking at little bit silly when this will keep you happy and perhaps, slightly healthier than the rest of your inactive, desk-bound colleagues?

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