march-on-washingtonGoogle, the most used search engine by the masses today, certainly has their fair share of products that have benefited mankind, and here we are with Google sharing a historic moment with the masses using the Web. This particular Web experience is the result of the work by Google’s friends Organic and Unit9, where it is known as “March on Washington” and was specially done up for the National Park Foundation. “March on Washington” is an online experience unlike never before, where you are invited to relive that particular moment in time as you listen in to an original recording of Dr. King’s words which is accompanied by immersive photography smack from the event itself.

It allows you to record yourself reciting Dr. King’s words, where you can also choose to play back other participants’ recordings as a crowd-sourced narrative of voices, in order to hear the timeless message repeated back from folks regardless of where they are from. What are some of the other future projects that you would like to see being shared with the masses? Certainly assassinations should not be part of it, despite being historical in nature, but rather, celebrations of joy and happiness ought to play a big role.

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