Google has been leading the wave of wearable technology with Google Glass. It has shipped out nearly 8,000 units to Explorers, a select group of people given early access to the device. Retail launch is expected to take place next year. Google Glass has already given birth to various privacy concerns. Despite the fact that it hasn’t been released to the public, certain establishments such as casinos, bars and strip clubs have already banned the device. Another establishment joins this list, but it isn’t your local watering hole. Its the infamous Guantanamo Bay.

Carol Rosenberg of the Miami Herald recently tweeted a picture of a sign that was put up at the Guantanamo war court. The sign warns against use of binoculars or other visual enhancement devices. It explicitly mentions that “Google Glasses” should be left outside. Rosenberg is covering pretrial hearings of a September 11 trial, she was told to remove the glasses on Monday and soon after that, the sign was put up. Authorities already examine all video footage that’s captured at the Bay, whereas it is forbidden to record military commissions proceedings taking place at the war court. So if you happen to get your hands on Google Glass next year and find yourself headed to Guantanamo Bay for reasons other than incarceration, it might be a good idea to leave your unit behind.

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