google-glass-wallpaper-hdEarlier in April this year, Eric Schmidt was quoted as saying that consumers looking forward to getting their hands on the retail version of Google Glass could only expect it in 2014. However inside sources have claimed that a 2013 release was possible, although those rumors have since changed their tone and are now claiming a 2014 release, possibly during Google I/O 2014. When asked about the change in schedule, a Google spokesperson told Computerworld, “We’re always adjusting and readjusting timelines. The most important thing that we do is focus on building a great product for users whenever that might be launched.”

As it stands it seems that some people are actually happy about the “delay” to 2014, as some have criticized Google’s previous attempts at rushing products out the door only to fall on their face, the Nexus Q being a prime example of that. As it stands, Google Glass is priced at $1,500 via the Explorer program although a recent researcher’s report has suggested that the device could cost around $300 upon its commercial release, which in all honesty does not seem to be too bad of a price to pay. So there you have it, if you were hoping for a 2013 release of Google Glass, you could be disappointed, but hopefully the delay will give Google more time to iron out the kinks.

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