Google Glass is one of major product at the forefront of the wearable technology wave. The company has only shipped out units to some 8,000 select users called Explorers. For the public, it is expected that Google Glass will be released in 2014. The internet search giant’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt said earlier this year that we should expect Glass to go on sale in 2014. It was rumored that Google might set up its own retail stores to sell Glass. The latest rumor suggests that Google will instead open pop up stores inside Best Buy locations across the country, like Samsung and Microsoft already have.

It would make sense for the company to go down this road. Opening pop up stores inside Best Buy locations would end up costing it less than setting up its own retail stores, if not in the entire country, then in some of the major cities. Pop up stores are likely to bring in more foot traffic as well. Rumor has it that prospective customers will be able to try Google Glass in these stores before purchasing the unit. Employees will then walk them through the tutorial as well as the fitting procedure that Glass users have to go through. The source of this rumor is unverified, so it can’t be said for sure if Glass stores will pop up inside your nearest Best Buy next year.

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