Having an Android device that doesn’t have a security lock means you’re able to use app shortcuts from your lock screen, making it easy for you to access often-used applications. Unfortunately, it also means your device is completely available to be used by anyone who picks it up, which makes locking your device a necessity at the cost of being unable to launch an application straight from the lock screen. That may change in a future version of Android as a newly-discovered Google patent may make it possible to launch an application through pattern unlock.

The patent describes a new pattern unlock method that will allow users to use initiate an unlock pattern to then launch specific applications, such as the Phone or Camera apps. The concept is one we’re surprised Google hasn’t thought of in the past as sacrificing the ability to quickly launch apps from the lock screen when a pattern unlock is required is something we’re sure many Android users have had trouble dealing with when all they want to do is take a quick picture or make a phone call.

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