Google_SignWhile pin codes and unlock patterns are great ways to secure your phone, there are times when such security might not necessarily be needed, such as in the comfort of your own home, but when you’re at the office or at a meeting, or in a public place like a bar or night club, then perhaps having some form of security would be a good idea. Well a recent Google patent has described a system in which your phone’s security could depend on where you are. Like we said earlier, for example if you were to set the parameters of the pin code or swipe pattern to be enabled when you were at your office, then when you’re out on the road or at home, the feature would be disabled and you will be able to get your phone’s content faster.

Of course swiping to unlock or keying in a pin code isn’t exactly a hassle or a big deal, but it’s usually these conveniences that helps make a difference. In a way these are the sort of features that could sell a phone or operating system, like the Moto X for example, whose specs might not be the most amazing, but its features add a level of convenience that other manufacturers have yet to implement. In any case there’s no telling if and when Google will introduce this patent to Android, but what do you guys think? Sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it?

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