gplay-allaccessIt seems that more companies are getting on board the music streaming service bandwagon these days, with Apple and their iTunes Radio, and Google with Google Play Music All Access. For those planning to use Google’s services, back when the company announced it they revealed that they would be charging $9.99 per month, which admittedly feels a bit pricey, however for Verizon owners it seems that according to a rumor, there is a good chance that the $9.99 could be included in your carrier billing, so perhaps a more streamlined method of payment might make the $9.99 seem a little less expensive, perhaps?

With Verizon currently offering their customers six months free All Access when they purchase a new DROID device, we guess extending the access by including it into carrier billing would be a more convenient solution for some customers, not to mention it will probably help Google net a ton of new subscribers somewhat effortlessly. What do you guys think? Would you be interested in subscribing to Google’s music streaming service if you could pay for it as part of your carrier bills?

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