googlesearchSomeone should come up with this particular essay topic for our kids in school to write about – “What if there was no Google or search engines today” and see just what kind of scenarios can the young and imaginative brains think of. For many of us, using Google when it comes to searching for something online is as natural as breathing air, and I am quite sure that many of us are more than familiar with using Google to locate definitions. Take [define fortuitous] for instance – this particular feature has just been updated over on, be it on the desktop or mobile experience, so that you would end up with additional information concerning those words apart from their definition alone.

For instance, you will now be greeted by sample sentences that will highlight just how this particular word is used, in addition to its synonyms. Tapping the microphone on your Google Search app and your ears will be treated to answers that are spoken back, especially when you fire away questions such as “What’s the definition of fortuitous?” and “What are synonyms for fortuitous?” Not only that, why not give translation a try in one of the 60 plus languages straight from the box itself?

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