gta-5-gameplay-trailerMuch has been said about GTA V over the past few months, and of course, weeks and days before this, and hype about the game does not look as though it is going to subside anytime soon, either. In fact, here we are with word that the GTA V Day 1 digital version can now be pre-ordered on the PlayStation Network – which would definitely sit well with those who do not mind not having physical media to hold and touch with their very own hands. Not only that, there is one main advantage that a digital copy has over a physical one – it virtually cannot run out of stock.

In fact, all Day 1 Digital pre-orders will also be able to gain access to fly the Atomic Blimp in-game vehicle, which would mean it is no different from those who have rushed earlier to place a pre-order for a physical Standard Edition copy. Not only that, there is another bonus thrown into the mix for Day 1 Digital pre-orders, as they would be on the receiving end of an exclusive PS3 theme along with 75% off on any Rockstar Games title on PSN (prices and discounts will vary of course), so that you can enjoy some of the older Rockstar classics between now until September 17th when GTA 5 finally arrives.

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