gta5-preorder-mspointsI am quite sure that by now, you would have had heard of plenty of news concerning Grand Theft Auto 5, a title that is sure to be a hit by the time it arrives. In fact, there was also the rather unfortunate accident that Sony was involved in, leaking additional information concerning Grand Theft Auto 5 that would function as a spoiler which will definitely affect the gameplay as you would already know what to expect. Of course, Sony did apologize for their actions, but Rockstar shared their feelings that they are “deeply disappointed“. Hopefully, all of it is water under the bridge right now, and perhaps a little bit of good news here would be able to lift up your spirits for today. We have received word that folks who have placed a pre-order for Grand Theft Auto 5 for the Xbox 360 using the Microsoft Store will be on the receiving end of a coupon for 1,600 Microsoft Points (when converted, that would measure approximately $20 in value), at least that is what an entry for the game on the store’s site mentioned.

Pre-orders for Rockstar’s open-world game will be available for $59.99 a pop, and it will include free shipping to boot. Coupon codes will be sent to consumers via their respective email addresses, while you will have points added to your respective accounts as local currency whenever it is redeemed via the Xbox 360. This particular offer will be valid until September 16th. Would this particular deal make you all the more resolved to pick up the title?

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