Another day, and yet another robot comes to save the day. This time around, we have the help of the GuideIN Tube, which so happens to be a self-guided intubation robot that you can see in action in the video above. It would be interesting to see just how much easier life would get for those in the medical line and are in the business of saving lives. Just about any anesthesiologist is able to tell you this – intubation does have a failure rate at times, and when it actually does fail, especially during moments when the patient is not spontaneously breathing and cannot be ventilated, this is when you press the panic button. With the GuideIN Tube robot, algorithms have been put in place in order to deal with the difficult airway.

The GuideIN Tube is the result of work courtesy of researchers over at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where they have managed to cobble together this robotic intubation device which will make use of infrared light in order to identify the airway, while guiding the tube toward it. Since it relies on infrared technology, the GuidIN Tube is capable of working in situations where the normal human eye might find it difficult to see, and that is always a good thing.

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