The kings of flat packs – Ikea, will certainly be more than proud with the Homeshell, an abode that was designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (RSHP). Just what is Homeshell all about? It so happens to be an innovative, low-cost building that has been located in the courtyard of the Royal Academy in London, where it has been constructed using Insulshell, which happens to be a flexible and highly energy efficient building system that could prove to be a solution to the UK’s existing housing crisis (for the middle class and poor, of course).

This particular installation is a three and a half story building that will be delivered as flat-pack panels on a truck, taking a mere 24 hours to assemble on-site, now how about that? You can check out a time-lapse film of the construction and be impressed with how this particular innovative building system will be able to come together in such a short amount of time. Once its time on display at the Royal Academy is over, it will be dismantled before being rebuilt on a site in Mitcham, where it will have a more permanent residence there, being outfitted with all the necessary furnishings so that it can function as a showhouse for those who are interested.

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