So we know that the Sony PlayStation 4 will see a release in the US on the 15th of November, before making its way to Europe on the 29th of November, but what about other countries, such as those in the Asia region? Well as far as PlayStation gamers in India are concerned, it seems that a 2013 release of the console for their market is looking very unlikely at the moment. According to Sony Computer Entertainment’s country manager of India, Atindriya Bose, the initial plan was to launch the console about a month after the launch in Europe, placing the console’s release very near the end of the year.

Unfortunately this looks like it will no longer be the case because according to Bose (via MCV India), “That’s the part that is being evaluated. So [I] cannot confirm 2013 immediately as that is almost within a month of the EU launch date. With country logistics and certain regulatory requirements, it looks a pretty tight call.” Granted this probably isn’t news that PlayStation gamers in India want to hear, but on the bright side Sony’s PlayStation 4 launch for 32 countries is significantly higher than the Xbox One’s initial 13 markets.

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