While taking photos at weird and “artsy” angles might be relatively easy, taking photos that perfectly straight on the other hand is a more tricky affair. This might explain why some professional photographers carry accessories that help them determine if their cameras are perfectly aligned. Well the good news is that thanks to technology, we don’t have to worry about that, and Instagram is bringing that convenience to the app in an update that will automatically straighten up your images.

According to Instagram’s Engineering Blog, this feature takes advantage of your phone’s sensors, such as the accelerometer and gyroscope to help straighten your photos that you take using the app. “When you take a picture in-app and tap on the new straighten icon, we use this sensor to straighten the photo automatically. In order to correct the angle, we rotate the photo by the opposite of the angle in which you held your device. Once the auto correction is applied, you can fine-tune the results using the feature’s UI.”

According to Instagram, this feature has been worked on for a while now but it was only until recently that they have managed to come up with a solution that was to their satisfaction. For those who are just finding out about this feature now, fire up the Instagram app and check it out! As it stands this feature is only available in the iOS version with Android presumably coming soon.

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