IntelIntel’s IDF conference is coming up in the next couple of weeks and it seems that the company is hoping to unveil a new side to them, to the extent where rumor has it that the company could let its entire PR team go in favor of a new PR team that will help turn the company’s image around into something more favorable. This is according to a source who spoke to the folks at where they were quoted as saying, “Tightening up the budget is the motto on the marketing side. The old timers are all gone and we are on track to get back our mojo on mobile. The head of PR will be changed, and then it will ‘waterfall’. Brian wants ‘open books’.”

It does seem a little drastic but sometimes a revolutionary change is needed, rather than an evolutionary one. An example would be Nokia when Stephen Elop took over and talked about how the company needed a drastic change, and described Nokia at that time as a “burning platform”. There are some who still have issue with Elop’s statement but looking at Nokia now who seems to be enjoying some measure of success with their Lumia handsets, it worked out for the best, at least to date.

The source goes on to claim that the reason behind this drastic change in image is because Intel has found out that they are slowly losing ground to companies such as AMD and ARM, with the latter’s technology dominating the mobile scene which is a pretty huge market at the moment. Of course since this is merely a rumor, do take it with a grain of salt for now, but what do you guys think? Is Intel due for a major shakeup?

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