ios7-beta5Yes sir, sometime at the end of last month, there were whispers of iOS 7 Beta 4 being seeded soon, and “soon” there was a relative word, since it did not take too long before – within the same day itself, in fact, that we reported iOS 7 Beta 4 was seeded afterwards. Well, it did not take too long before we hear whispers that iOS 7 Beta 5 could very well be on its way, too. After all, it is the circle of life (for a software, at least), where one would release alpha, beta and release candidate versions of one’s software so that private and/or public users are able to give it a go, before feedback from these users help the software house to change their work in order to have a smooth as possible rollout eventually.

It does seem as though new hardware will be arriving from Apple in the fall, and September 20th (all right, so the more dogmatic among you might argue that fall starts from September 22nd, but hey, whatever floats your boat) could very well be the date where the next generation iPhone launches. Considering how iOS 7 beta 4 looks set to expire this coming September 12th, do you think that there is a very high possibility of checking out iOS 7 Beta 5?

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