The iPhone 5S has been Apple’s long-rumored upcoming smartphone, and the closer we get to its supposed “announcement“, the faster the rumor mill spins. The latest rumor that we’re hearing about today pits the iPhone 5S up against the iPhone 5 in a number of new images comparing the hardware of both devices.

NoWhereElse.fr decided to put the iPhone 5S leaked hardware images up against the iPhone 5. The comparison shows a number of the screws have been moved around on the iPhone 5S, which could be due to the inclusions of a redesigned logic board which is expected to lie on top of the shell. The iPhone 5S’ design may also accommodate the inclusion of a dual-LED flash as well as a new camera module.

The site also took notice the previously leaked motherboard contains screw holes that line up perfectly with the iPhone 5S shell, which helps in proving the legitimacy of both leaked parts. That’s not all, as the area around the Home button seems to have changed a bit too, which may suggest Apple will equip the iPhone 5S with a fingerprint reader.

As usual, until Apple makes their official announcement, take all of this information with a grain of salt.

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