app_iphone_tmobile_610x436The iPhone, whether you love it or hate it, is a hot commodity and with carriers reportedly losing customers to other carriers who are offering the device, it is not surprising that some carriers work really hard to get the iPhone onto their network. T-Mobile was the last of the four major carriers to get the iPhone and it seems that their efforts have paid off because according to a recent study by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, it has been suggested that T-Mobile might have saved themselves 400,000 subscribers who might have left the carrier for another simply because T-Mobile (at that time) did not offer the iPhone officially.

While T-Mobile’s network has supported subscribers who brought their own iPhone, the carrier did not offer it up on contract which makes the device a lot cheaper to own. The survey was conducted prior to T-Mobile getting the device and it found that nearly a quarter of all customers had planned to get the next iPhone as their next phone, indicating that the 400,000 number could have been much larger had T-Mobile and Apple’s negotiations fallen through. What do you guys make of this? Any of our readers out there T-Mobile subscribers who were about to jump ship prior to the iPhone making its way onto T-Mobile’s network?

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