kanye-west-suvsKanye West has his fair share of fans for sure, and being an international rap star with money to throw around, his latest toys would be not one, but two of the Dartz Prombron armored SUVs that he recently picked up all the way from Latvia. Yes sir, Dartz happens to be the Latvian company that rolls out the Prombron, an armored SUV which is based on the Mercedes G-Class. It boasts of a wide variety of options including “fake whale penis leather” as well as jewel encrusted snake ornaments. Not only that, those who do watch plenty of movies would realize that it is the same make of gold-plated SUV that Sasha Baron Cohen rode the in the movie “The Dictator”.

While the Prombron armored SUVs retail for approximately $400,000, Kanye decided to pick them up with the “North West Protection Mobiles” specifications, which would mean that they will amount to approximately $1 million each. While throwing a couple of million on armored SUVs should not make too large a dent in his bank account, perhaps he is thinking of his family’s safety in the long run? What do you think are some of the other extravagant purchases that superstars have treated themselves to in the past?

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