kaptureThe world of social media has seen a deluge of photos and videos being uploaded for all and sundry to consume, and this kind of “living” sharing system ensures that there is never a dull moment out there. Well, I guess you can say that most of these “shares” come in the form of images, video, and of course, text. How about just pure audio without any kind of visuals to accompany it? This is what Kapture is all about, where this wearable piece of technology intends to be the Google Glass of its generation, although this puppy will concentrate solely on audio, as it enables one to record all the sound that is happening around them, saving it up for playback at a later period.

The big question is, what would make the Kapture wearable wristband different from all the other voice or sound recorders out there? So far as I know, most, if not all, mobile operating system platforms do have an app that turns your smartphone or tablet into a portable recording device, and there are also numerous dedicated audio recorders out there in the market, too. Well, Kapture works differently in the sense that it will listen in on whatever’s going on around you, but will save only the next minute after you tap it. This audio clip can then be shared or uploaded for editing purposes later. Interestingly enough, the Kapture has already raised $300,000 in seed funding, and will hope to kick off a Kickstarter campaign from September 3rd onwards to garner the remaining funds required from the masses.

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