We never like to hear or report on a company announcing a service of theirs has been hacked, and as a result you now have to scramble to reset your password for the service and additional services you may have reused that password with. Today, we unfortunately have to report Riot Games’ extremely popular League of Legends has been compromised.

League of Legends players around the world don’t have anything to worry about as only North American account information has been compromised by hackers. According to Riot Games, usernames, email addresses, real names and “salted password hashes” were accessed during the breach. The password information that was accessed is said to be unreadable, although users with easy-to-guess passwords may be at risk.

Those weren’t the only portions of North American accounts that were accessed as hashed and salted credit card numbers from somewhere around 120,000 transactions that were made in 2011 were also accessed. Riot Games assures players the payment system that was accessed hasn’t been used since July 2011, but the company is still taking the appropriate measures to notify and safeguard affected players. If you receive an email from Riot Games, it’s best to give it a read to see just how much your personal account was affected by this security breach.

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