Right now, you can say that 100% of the bodyguards that heads of state as well as celebrities and anyone who deem themselves to be important enough to be protected, tend to be human, as I have yet to see an alien lifeform play the role of a bodyguard. The thing is, a future where a robot would take the place of a human bodyguard does sound rather unnerving, and you might actually be witness to the start of the robotic apocalypse today – via Linda, the robot security guard.

Before you think that “Linda” is a female version of the T-800, it is actually a robot who would come in handy when it concerns security as well as elderly care home resources. Linda does not come cheap, however, where it costs a whopping £25,000 robot that resembles a human-sized chess pawn, and since robots do not get tired, nor do they have a union to fight for better working conditions and a pay raise, Linda does seem to be the ideal “person” to have around an elderly nursing home, as humans sometimes are too fatigued to realize that one of the home’s residents there need urgent medical attention. Would you like to see a “male” version of Linda being manufactured as well?

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