Anniversaries are always an occasion to remember, never mind that they are joyful or sad, although I am quite sure that most folks would prefer to fall back onto the former instead of the latter. Having said that, a couple of days ago, we did bring you word about how Mars Curiosity Rover “celebrated” its birthday by “singing” to itself, and here we are with footage of Mars Curiosity Rover’s entire 12 months of expedition to date, condensed into a single video footage that was specially filmed from the rover’s eye view.

Time has definitely moved on, and it seemed like just yesterday when we brought you word that the Mars Curiosity Rover has just landed, even when it was captured in HD video. What were you doing when the Mars Curiosity Rover made landfall over on the Red Planet? Unfortunately for all of you alien watchers out there, the Mars Curiosity Rover has yet to capture any image of movement of alien life – unlike in the Transformers movie, but then again, that’s all science fiction, isn’t it? Having said that, would you want to pick up a LEGO version of the Mars Curiosity Rover? After all, it had been a pretty hard “worker” for humanity, sending back billion pixel shots and what not.

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