Cobalt Neting with Windows Phone

We’ve come across themes on both iOS and Android that were inspired by Microsoft’s Windows Phone’s user interface. Given that it is a pretty unique interface, we can see why there is a certain amount of appeal, but it looks like that appeal has extended beyond software and smartphones and into actual objects in real life. One particular furniture company based on Los Angeles, California, has started to offer up furniture which they claim were inspired by the Windows Phone Live Tiles.

Designed by the company’s founder, Dan Maddox, Stanton True’s press release claims that the furniture are “sophisticated, neatly designed layout that’s functional as it is attractive, much like the user interface found in Microsoft’s three-screen approach.” Personally we don’t see the Windows Phone inspiration in the furniture, but we guess the more ardent Windows Phone fan might. In any case if you love the Windows Phone UI and you think that you’d love to deck your home out with it, the furniture will cost you anywhere between $250 to $1,400 and the entire collection can be found on Stanton True’s website.

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