The virtual keyboard is one aspect of smartphones that does take some getting used to, and while the first generation of virtual keyboards proved to have quite the learning curve (steep or otherwise is subject to the user’s interpretation – as you can never quite tell whose thumbs and fingers are too huge for it), there has been enhancements made in the past and up till now, where one is able to install a third party app which will take over the role of the virtual keyboard, letting you glide your finger over the keyboard to form words, and the artificial intelligence within has done a pretty good job so far. I have been using Swype all the time on my Android device, and have been more than happy with it all this while. The Minuum keyboard is another player to the Android market, where it intends to be the keyboard standard for future devices – wearable technology included.

Minuum has remained in a closed beta for quite some time already, but it has just rolled out for all Android users yesterday. Being a public beta app, do not be surprised if you come across any kind of bugs or issues. One ought to take note that Minuum has been optimized for all Android screen sizes, and it will play nice with any version from Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread and above. A new tutorial has been thrown in to this public beta, where it will cost you $3.99 a pop to run – or free should you have been a Kickstarter backer.

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