As you age and your friends start to push up daisies, you would find yourself surrounded by folk younger than yourself (some by a long mile) more often than not. It can get lonely at times however, when all the young whippersnappers have their own lives to run and be busy with, which is why robots might step in to take the place of human companionship. The MOBISERV project is one of those ideas that could help out the lonely older folk out there, where it comes in the form of a mobile wheeled semi-humanoid figure that boasts a bevy of sensors, cameras, audio and touchscreen interface, functioning as a cyber-nanny of sorts to boot since the MOBISERV project is able to remind users to take their medicine, suggest a favorite drink or ask them to take a stroll in the park.

Not only that, this robot is capable of working in tandem with smart clothing on the patient, helping him or her monitor their vital signs, health and safety, as well as alert the relevant medical personnel and emergency services as and when required. Taking more than 33 months to develop among an alliance between research institutes, universities and technology companies across Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Holland, Switzerland and the UK, we do hope to see the MOBISERV project end up as an affordable robot companion to the aged in due time.

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