mojang-patch-previewMojang’s Jens Begensten has recently put up in a new blog update details concerning Minecraft’s upcoming 1.7 patch for their hit title. To be more specific, he touched on the changes that were made to Minecraft’s world generator that will definitely have an impact on how worlds come together. Basically, the team wanted to take a look at how to improve three key areas – oceans that are too large for their own good, too uneven/random biome placement, and the lack of variation.

Jens shared, “One reason why we rarely do changes to the world generator is because every little change off-sets the world seed and causes noticeable borders between new and old terrain. A lot of people don’t mind about these borders, but we still want to avoid creating them. So, in order to avoid needing to change the world generator again in the nearest future, we try to do as many changes now as possible.”

Do you think that the solutions which will be introduced in Minecraft’s 1.7 patch will be able to make the game more enjoyable compared to what millions of players are already used to? Perhaps, as change has never been something that everyone welcomes. So far, the release date for Minecraft 1.7 has yet to be announced, to stay tuned.

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