vauxhall-ledDashboards have proven themselves to be an important – nay, indispensable part of any vehicle. After all, that is where drivers would be able to obtain first hand information about what is going on with their rides, ranging from warning lights to the speed as well as rev of the engine. The dashboard design has remained more or less stagnant for many years already, but the introduction of digital displays in dashboards have opened up a whole new world of possibilities – some might even say infinite, but I guess you can call it a far more creative manner of displaying the different information to the driver. A new concept car known as the Monza by Vauxhall will ditch the traditional dashboard, but will instead feature a single, modular LED projection display that also doubles up as an integrated infotainment system.

All the relevant details including driving information, navigation, communication and entertainment will be presented as and when required on this LED projection display that takes up the entire dash and center console. Vauxhall intends to popularize the idea of presenting only the information that is requested by the driver at any one time. For instance, if the driver wants to know more about the weather, the entire dash will display all sorts of relevant information, and even better is the fact that all you need to do is speak aloud of what you want to see on the dashboard, and voila! It will appear there and then. All controls will also be mounted on the steering wheel for old school folks who want something more tactile to press.

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