muzikI guess you can say that social media is definitely playing a large role in the lives of many, especially for the connected ones out there, so much so that we even have a Twitter experience hotel that is located in Spain. Well, one thing about social media is this – it can be highly addictive, but it is also one of the most efficient tools when it comes to spreading word out on a particular topic, or even just to inform the whole world of what you’re eating at that particular moment. This pair of Muzik headphones, however, is unique and different from typical audio gear in the sense where it is meant to see action in helping you share, experience and discover music.

The premise of the Muzik headphones lies in what is called ‘Social Smartware,’ where that would describe the seamless connection of consumer electronic devices, content and social media platforms in order to make music discoverable and shareable in a jiffy without much effort. Muzik will roll out a bunch of other smart audio products later this year, where among them include the on-ear wireless headphone that will merge high-fidelity audio in a design that boasts of capacitive touch controls, something that we see more and more of in high end smartphones these days. Each Muzik headphones can let you natively share your currently playing trackon Facebook and Twitter, while the integrated accelerometer knows when you have removed the Muzik headphones, stopping whatever track that is playing at that moment. Smart, no? [Product Page]

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