Netflix has been making some impressive improvements to its service as they recently launched user profiles across a number of products and introduced us to its content-suggestion engine, Max. Today, Netflix is announcing it’s rolling out another improvement that will improve its Instant Queue section.

Netflix is launching its “My List” today for U.S. subscribers that will both replace and enhance the Instant Queue section, and will also be made available for customers outside of the U.S., which may be the biggest deal considering those users weren’t able to make their own Instant Queue list to view content at a later time, or to simply save their favorite shows. Prior to today’s update, Netflix users outside of the U.S. just had to rely on the service’s automatically generated genre lists or simply searching for content.

Those who are familiar with the Instant Queue system will feel right at home with My List as you’ll be able to add content you’d like to view later or save for regular viewing by clicking on it within Netflix, and clicking on the “+ My List” button, which would add it to your list of up to 500 items that can be stored per user profile. My List is said to be making its way to Netflix customers over the next couple of weeks, which we’re sure customers outside of the U.S. can’t wait for the update to be available in their account.

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