Last month Netflix announced that this summer it would launch individual user profiles for accounts. Even though a Netflix subscription costs just $8 per month, many subscribers share their accounts with either their friends or family members. Having one single profile would mean that Netflix would offer recommendations and suggestions based on everyone’s viewing habits. User profiles allow every individual sharing an account to have their own queues and recommendations. Unfortunately, the feature doesn’t work with Windows Media Center plugin.

It was only a few days ago that Netflix formally announced the roll out of user profiles. The roll out hasn’t been completed as yet, it is likely to take a couple of weeks. As per the posts on The Green Button forums,  Netflix will only stream over Media Center if all individual profiles are closed, except the main one. Users are able to see a list of their profiles, but as soon as they select an individual profile, an error message is displayed. It remains to be seen when this issue will be fixed, Netflix hasn’t made a statement as yet.

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