06_nintendo-logoNintendo’s war against video game piracy has seen them file a lawsuit in the Southern District of Florida, where this particular lawsuit would target the owner of HackYourConsole.com. It does seem as though HackYourConsole.com is one site which promotes and sells unauthorized Nintendo games in a blatant manner, not to mention offering devices and services which will go around the built-in security within the Nintendo DS as well as Wii consoles. Granted, both the DS and Wii are pretty old consoles by now, but this has not stopped Nintendo from filing this lawsuit as a matter of principle.

HackYourConsole.com has also laid claim to be an authorized distributor for the yet-to–be-released 3DS Gateway cards, so that is another sore point which was raised up by Nintendo. As for the outcome of this particular lawsuit, it remains to be seen just what will happen in the end, since the legal system does have its fair share of brilliant lawyers on both sides of the divide who are capable of arguing their case until they win. Some folks think that this is a chicken-or-egg-first situation – if games were a whole lot cheaper in the first place, then piracy levels would drop since folks would not mind paying a wee bit more than a pirated copy, while game developers claim that not enough folks are buying original games to ensure that a cheaper price tag is warranted. Which side are you on?

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