0x10c.0_cinema_720.0Back in 2012, Minecraft’s creator Markus “Notch” Persson announced a new game titled 0x10c. The game was designed as a sci-fi simulator with test footage from the game having been released as well, giving gamers a brief idea of what they might be able to expect. Unfortunately if you were hoping to get your hands on the game in the near future, it looks like that might not be happening as Notch has announced that the game has been put on hold indefinitely. The reasoning behind it is because Notch has run into some creative blocks and cited that the game did not feel fun to play, thus it has been put on hold until he can figure it out.


Now the good news is that the game will not be on ice for too long because it seems that fans of Notch’s work have decided to pick up the project themselves. The project dubbed “Project Trillek” will not be based 100% on 0x10c, but will instead be a game inspired by it. It will not be using the code from 0x10c, its story, or the title itself, so we really have to wonder just how much of 0x10c we will see in it. According to Shane Dalton, the project’s lead and head writer (via US Gamer), “We just sort of looked at the project and were like, ‘Okay. This is a community project now,'”

There are no plans to monetize Project Trillek, except to ask for donations to offset server costs. No word on when Project Trillek will be released either, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled nonetheless.

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