We’ve seen the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset used to simulate a bunch of things, ranging from freefalling simulators to getting your head chopped off via a guillotine, so skydiving doesn’t exactly sound like much of a stretch. Well in case you’ve always wanted to experience skydiving but don’t actually dare to do it, a college student by the name of Dan Borenstein might have the answer for you. Basically what Borenstein has done is that he has suspended himself from a tree while wearing the Oculus Rift and playing the SkyDIEiving simulator.

According to Borenstein who spoke to the folks at VentureBeat, “It’s an awesome experience. I can’t say I would want to do a long session of gaming, but in terms of immersion, this is fun.” It certainly looks like a lot of fun, although we’re guessing that simulator sickness could also be one of the reasons why it can’t be played for too long. In any case if you’d like a brief idea of what it might be like, or if you want to see Borenstein’s setup, check out the video above for the details. What do you guys think? Would you love to take it for a spin?

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