Imgur is one of the most widely used photo sharing sites on the internet. It is essentially the go to destination if one wants to keep with the latest viral photos. There is a very strong community that keeps submitting interesting content to Imgur. They’ll be pleased to know that the official Imgur for iOS app has now finally been released. The app comes quite a while after the official Imgur app for Android was released.

The app will allow users to browse images that have been uploaded on Imgur, whether you’re in to memes or rage comics, Imgur for iOS is bound to keep you hooked for house. Users will also be able to comment and vote on images as well as submit images directly to the Imgur gallery. Moreover, the app allows photo uploads straight from the mobile device. Last but not the least, users can manage their account and albums through the app. Imgur CEO had said a few weeks ago that they would soon be releasing their official app for iOS. He also revealed that the app was initially rejected by Apple due to copyright issues. That has now been taken care of, so head on down to the iTunes App Store and download the official Imgur app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

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