Olympus E-M1 Camera Detailed In Diagram [Rumor]

Olympus-E-M1-camera-descriptionBack in July we reported that alleged details of the upcoming Olympus E-M1 camera was leaked. While leaked specifications are always a nice thing to know, there are other features that people could be interested in, such as how the camera looks like, the design, how it might feel in their hand, the placement of buttons, and etc. Well according to a source of Photo Rumors, they have sent in a description of the upcoming camera which Photo Rumors has been kind enough to share in a drawing pictured above.

Instead of covering the hardware details such as image sensor size, shooting speed, video capture, and etc., this description shows the various features of the E-M1 camera and the placement of certain functions, such as an AF illuminator, the added DSLR grip and so on. Of course there’s no telling if the final product will actually look like how it has been described, so take it with a grain of salt for now, but in the meantime we guess you can use it as a rough description of sorts.

Read more about Olympus. Source: photorumors

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