pot-twitterThey say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and in the case of a Canadian man who happens to have a Twitter account, his online search for marijuana resulted in him getting fired. Sunith Baheerathan did raise up quite the online stir when he first tweeted his request for some marijuana, better known as pot. In his tweet, he requested prospective pot sellers to deliver their “goods” to Baheerathan’s work place – that is, a Mr. Lube location in a Toronto suburb.

Baheerathan tweet that raised a fair number of eyebrows read as follows, “Any dealers in Vaughan wanna make a 20sac chop? Come to Keele/Langstaff Mr. Lube, need a spliff.” Needless to say, this particular tweet eventually went viral, and with that, it also managed to catch the attention of the local police who retorted using the York Regional Police’s official Twitter feed, “Awesome! Can we come too?” Shortly after that, Baheerathan tweeted that he has just been terminated, although the cause of his termination has not been officially attributed to his online activities.

Baheerathan was obviously not too happy about his situation, tweeting, “I’ve lost complete hope in society man. There’s killers/rapists/people missing and all they care about is a dude asking for weed” and “Gotta watch what you tweet nowadays, even the freedom of speech & the right to an entitled opinion isn’t safe.” I guess plenty of people mix up freedom of speech with the responsibilities that come with it, just like how Baheerathan did.

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