While drones might get a bad rep for being associated with instruments of war and destruction, they do have not-so-sinister uses as well, and in the case of New York City filmmaker, Nicolas Doldinger, his use of a Phantom quadcopter has resulted in a pretty beautiful short film of New York City, which was captured in all of its entirety through the use of the drone. The result is a 3 minute short film where we see the drone fly over the skies of New York City and capturing the city through its camera.

Interestingly it seems that due to the quiet nature of the drone, which we guess was partly why it was named the Phantom, not many people noticed it flying above them, not even the police, going to show just how quiet and stealthy these machines are. Of course there is some debate as to whether individuals should be allowed to operating UAVs as we can only imagine it could be used to invade the privacy of others, and while we let the folks in the government sort that one out, if you have a couple of minutes to spare, perhaps this is one video worth checking out.

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