Today Pinterest announced that it is rolling out a new feature which will notify users when prices of items they have pinned goes down. It was back in May when Pinterest allowed users to see the current price of pins from a select group of websites. Users could view the price whenever they wanted to, but they wouldn’t know if the price was dropped without notice. From now on, Pinterest will send an email to users who have a specific item pinned, as soon as there’s a price drop.

There’s no action required from the user. They don’t have to fill in a form or sign up for this feature. Pinterest will automatically keep a check on the prices of the items that users have pinned. Price drop notifications will be grouped in to a single email so as to not clutter a user’s inbox, users have the ability to adjust settings related to email notifications as well. Pinterest says that it is gradually rolling out the feature, so it might take a while before every user has access to the new feature.

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