polluted-waterIf you are a swimmer or a surfer, I am quite sure that there is nothing quite like a fine day at the beach, where the waves that roll in happen to be of the right variety for you to indulge in your favorite activity, not to mention the fact that swimming in clean water is always an invigorating experience. Unfortunately, the world is getting more and more polluted, which means something needs to be done about this particular situation. How about an app to help you determine whether it is safe for you to dive right in? This particular app will provide bathers and surfers real-time warnings about pollution incidents on beaches, now how about that?

This will be a free service which will send alerts or text messages concerning discharges of sewage and storm water at nearly all of the 250 beaches located in England and Wales. The whole idea of this particular app came about after more and more people were concerned about a rise in sewage spills, which could result in illnesses for some of the more sensitive beach-goers. The charity Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) were the ones who developed this app, and this effort was funded by the Environment Agency.

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