wiiuSo we know that the Nintendo Wii U isn’t exactly the platform of choice for developers to create games on, as we have seen in the case with Bethesda, Crytek, and recently Capcom. We can’t be sure if it’s sluggish sales that puts developers off, or if it’s due to lack of developer interest that resulted in sluggish sales. In any case it seems that Nintendo’s woes are further confirmed by developer n-Space who claims that there is a low demand from publishers requesting Nintendo-related games for either the 3DS handheld console or the Wii U.

For those unfamiliar with n-Space, they are developers who specialize in porting or adapting games for different consoles, and according to the company’s CEO, Dan O’Leary (via GamesIndustry), it is probably the company’s first time in 10 years where they have no Nintendo titles in development. “It’s kind of a sad thing to say, because for a long time n-Space has been known as a Nintendo-friendly developer. We certainly have loved all our time working with them. We think their hardware’s great.” This is definitely not great news for Nintendo and the future certainly looks bleak, but here’s hoping that things will pick up in the future.

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