Summer is coming to a quick close as Labor Day weekend is nearly upon us, which means you soon won’t be able to head down to your local beach, lake or pool and take a quick dip as it’ll the temperatures will start to dip very soon. Although if you live in the southern part of the U.S., you can completely disregard that last sentence as it’s pretty much party time for you any time of the year. Which is exactly why you need this real-time shark tracker more than any of us.

The project, which is fed into the OCEARCH Global Tracker, can now track the movements of 47 sharks as they make their way up and down the East Coast while they possibly look for food, love or a friendly game of shark russian roulette. The location of the sharks are represented as dots on the global tracker map, which you can click on one of these dots to then see a picture of the shark, along with its “name” and size, as well as where it’s been. In total, the project has collected a total of 100 data points every second, which equals 8.5 million per day. Who knew sharks were so active?! Well – we guess other sharks knew.

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