snuggwuggNew parents, especially dads, will have a whole new skill set to pick up. They would have to move on from Husband 2.0 to Father 1.0, but you can say that there are moments when residues of Bachelor 1.0 still reside within said new dad. Changing diapers will have to be one of those skills that new dads ought to learn and master, quickly! Unfortunately, changing the diapers on a dummy as part of the practice session is a whole lot different from the changing diapers on a squirming, live baby. Not only that, there is also the smell that one has to contend with, and it is one of those skills that will only improve the more one practices it.

I guess this is where the SnuggWugg comes in handy – it is meant to function as a conciliatory device of sorts, where it will wrap around your little one thanks to the wonders of Velcro, while using SnuggWugg apps to deliver its own brand of entertainment while dad or mom gets to work with a far more settled baby. The SnuggWugg happens to be washable on a gentle cycle to boot, and will arrive in a range of styles such as Safari and Retro. [Product Page]

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