4K TVs didn’t make as big of a splash as consumer electronics companies would have liked at this year’s CES. Trust us when we say it had nothing to do with the technology as 4K TVs look absolutely stunning in person. Instead, it has a lot more to do with the pricing of 4K TVs as they currently retail for thousands of dollars, which is a tad outside of most people’s budget at this point. Samsung and Sony are aware of this, and as a result, are cutting the price of their latest 4K TVs to keep them within a somewhat affordable range.

Both Samsung and Sony are cutting the price of their 55-inch models, which brings the Samsung UN55F9000 down to $4,499.99 and the Sony XBR-55X900A down to $3,999.99. If you would prefer Samsung or Sony’s 65-inch models, both companies are making an even larger price cut to their respective 4K TVs as the Samsung UN65F9000 will now retail for $5,999.99 and the Sony XBR-65X900A will sell for $5,499.99. Sony had made their price cuts two weeks ago, while Samsung launched their price cuts just this past Sunday in order to match what Sony was doing.

Now that both Sony and Samsung have cut the prices on their 4K TVs, are you considering buying them at this point, are will you still wait to make your purchase when more 4K content is available?

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