xperia-z1-leaksIt seems as though the Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center located in China has given the Sony Xperia Z1 a network license, which would mean it is now free to operate on the country’s mobile networks. Of course, this particular network license approval is not the only thing that the Certification Center released, it also allegedly leaked out a quartet of snapshots of what is most probably the Xperia Z1, where it is shown from the front, back and the customary side shots – both of them. In terms of its design, the Xperia Z1 happens to be nearly identical to the Xperia Z, where you will find a spanking new notification LED located right above the Sony logo to make it different.

On the right side, a SIM card slot will be covered by a protective flap, with Sony’s signature Power/Lock button, volume rocker and dedicated camera shutter key lumped near each other. At the other side lies a microSD memory card slot that is accompanied by a microUSB port, and both of them, too, are protected by flaps. Do you have your eyes set on the upcoming Sony Xperia Z1, or is some other smartphone already hovering under your radar? Perhaps the more affordable Nexus 4 might be your cup of tea instead.

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