There’s no denying we all need a boost of energy every so often to get us through our work day or night. Caffeine seems to be the drug of choice for the majority of people who need that extra boost, which can be ingested in a number of ways, such as drinking coffee, red bull or by even chewing gum. The downside to ingesting caffeine is you’ll inevitably crash, but a new form of taking in caffeine delivery may not only help you from feeling drained, but also doesn’t require you to digest anything.


Sprayable Energy is a spray that gives you a dose of caffeine which is absorbed through your skin to give you the boost you need to make it through your day. It’s the world’s first topical energy spray, which its creators say is better than caffeinated drinks as you’ll be getting a straight dose of caffeine with their spray, while drinks often include other ingredients in addition to caffeine.

Sprayable Energy is currently seeking funding on Indigogo, which a minimum pledge of $15 will get you a single container which should last for about 2 to 3 weeks, depending on how often you use it. Just remember not to drink your usual five cups of coffee a day while using Sprayable Energy or you may literally fly.

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