While we have seen and read our fair share of news about the iPhone 5S, here is a concept to take your mind away from it for a while – the Squarephone. I don’t know about you, but the name might be cause for consternation for some folk, as STUDIO BÄRIG’s Squarephone might make others laugh at you for being “square”. Jokes aside, just how great would the Squarephone concept be? Will it truly be able to change the way we look at phones if it were to be released as a real world device?

Well, watch the video of the Squarephone above and share with us your thoughts on it. It is basically a device with a bezel-free screen and bendable display, sporting a slightly concave side body that intends to deliver a far better grip – especially for all of your butterfingers out there. A quartet of speakers and a carbon fibre shell ensures that it is more durable than adamantium – I jest, theoretically, it would be more durable than a combination of glass and aluminum. And considering how some folks tend to miss the good old days of their BlackBerry, the Squarephone, too, does not believe that the actual keyboard is dead. One display is always facing you thanks to the twistable segments, coming in handy when you want to shoot selfies, while the Squarephone also offers a couple of modes for text input. Whenever you want to stash the Squarephone away, just fold it into a nice pocket-sized device and you’re good to go.

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~$205 - Amazon
8 MP
F2.2 Aperture F-Stop
112 g
1560 mAh
Launched in
A7 + None
Storage (GB)
16, 32, 64
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