microsoft-logoNormally, the head of a particularly large company who steps down due to retirement (or unexpectedly through a death) will sometimes result in the stock of the company (if it is public listed, of course) dropping – in a drastic fall at times, too, but in the case of Steve Ballmer’s retirement announcement, it proved to be quite the positive catalyst to get Microsoft’s stock going – right after the announcement at approximately 9:25am, Microsoft’s share price did not inch upwards, but rather, it surged forward by more than 9%. This is a surefire sign that investors cannot wait for Ballmer to step down, as they probably feel that a new head over at Microsoft could help the company navigate through some difficult times ahead.

It remains to be seen just who will the next Microsoft CEO be, an you can be sure that investors will keep a close eye as well as their ears to the ground. Regardless, it is not going to be easy for the person who steps into the shoes of Microsoft, and will we get another Marissa Mayer aboard? Do you have any recommendations as to who would be the next CEO of Microsoft to lead the company into the middle of the second decade of the 21st century?

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