tattoo-smartphoneSo, you think that you have seen all there is to it about tattoos, barring someone doing something stupid with theirs? Well, here is a tattoo that your mom would probably like – simply because it is a tattoo that cannot be seen by the naked eye, meaning it is like those secret messages of old, where you craft them out using lime or lemon juice only to read them near a source of light and heat such as a candle, except that this particular tattoo will not rely on lime juice, but rather, require a tiny RFID chip to be implanted within the body. This would allow only a compatible smartphone to be able to “read” this RFID tattoo.

Anthony Antonellis is the person with an embedded RFID chip within his hand, where the chip itself is carefully stashed away into a glass capsule, sporting 1KB of storage space and remains completely invisible to the naked eye. Just what kind of tattoos do you think would rank right up there with the coolest of them, except that your particular choice would come with a slant of technology thrown into the mix? Unfortunately, I’d hate the thought of having something sewn within, how about you?

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